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Avoid Any Type Of Headaches

To understand the painful symptoms, avoid brain tumor disease Do not ignore any headache, identifying painful symptoms. For example, headache caused by stressful daily routine is causing a headache in patients but does not cause headache in one person. Severity has been steadily increasing for a very long time; at …

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Does peanuts good for health?

Peanuts are called almonds of the poor. During this period, when the prices of dried fruits speak from the sky, about five to six thousand, figs twelve hundred to fifteen hundred, almonds about two thousand and walnuts are also two thousand rupees. If I am not available in less than …

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Book Reading. A Healthy Exercise

A philosopher of books, the philosopher defined the booklet in a few words: “When clouds of gloom in human life darken the paths, these are the books, which, like the sincere friend, enclose our darts. And illuminate the dark paths. This definition establishes a special relationship and link between humans …

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Is it Bad to Eat Honey?

Honey and milk are important in the blessings God has bestowed on humans. Honey is a useful sacred diet and medicine that has been used since ancient times. Before the invention of sugar for honey, honey was used for sweetness. Honey is the first and last diet of a human …

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Eat Green Chilies Avoid Heart Attack

If you want to keep yourself away from life-threatening illnesses such as heart attack, make it a habit to eat four peppers every week. This claim has been made in a medical study in Italy. Research by Neurologic Instituto neuro med Mediterranean revealed that Eating 4 peppers (green chilies) can …

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