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Eat figs and get health and happiness together

Nature has created vegetables and fruits for the human diet. We can say that it is the natural and first food of man. It is only in the shadow of nature that man has the benefit of nature. The war with nature is harmful to man in every case. Nature …

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Salt Overdose Is Harmful

Experts say that our body needs only 200 milligrams of salt a day. That’s enough to keep us alive and healthy, which is about a tenth of a teaspoon. Medical experts claim that without this amount, a man begins to feel weak and ill, and if salt is not used …

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Are You Over 40 Years Old?

The life of a human being goes through many periods and each period has its own characteristics and problems. In youth, man has many aspirations, passions and goals. He wants to become something. After going through all these stages, there comes a period in life when her personality changes. Her …

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