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Air Pollution Is Bad For Health

Air pollution has become a serious problem worldwide, including in Pakistan. According to the American Lung Association Report for the year 2019, harmful air substances are moving inside the body with every breath of residents living in the United States. According to the “State of the Year” report, 14 million people in the United States are breathing unhealthy air, an increase of 70 million over 2018.

Environmental Protection Agency

According to the US News Agency, the United States has encountered more polluted days in the past 2 years than in the past. After reviewing the data from the Environmental Protection Agency, the news agency reported that the US in 2018 compared with the period from 2013 to 2016. The public was facing 15% more polluted days. Science has already told us that unhealthy air is a threat to human health.

Air pollution, especially the airborne contaminants that are not visible to the eye, can increase the risks to human health. And it is true that air pollution can kill human lives. Even air pollution Low levels can also cause heart and lung problems, which can result in death.

Relationship Between Air Pollution and Health

The relationship between air pollution and health impairment is so deep that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared air pollution a ‘new tobacco’.

Recent estimates from the World Organization estimate that more than 80 million deaths worldwide are also caused by inhalation of contaminated air, which means that there are not as many deaths as smoking cigarettes. That polluted atmosphere is caused by breathing. Richard Mueller, a physicist and climate researcher at the University of California, goes a step further in his research into environmental pollution in 2018.

He points out that in 2018, the life of an average American citizen is almost as damaging as smoking a third of all cigarettes. Every day, smoking a cigarette equivalent to one-third of cigarettes is apparently not something to worry about, though if he does when combined, 100 cigarettes are made in one year and 1000 in 10 years. Richard Mueller says, “Breathing in polluted air poses significant risks to human health, affecting everyone, including children and women.

I think air pollution is the form of the world’s largest environmental disaster today. It is a shame that we are not paying enough attention to it. ”

In what space are we breathing?

Thousands of chemicals enter the human body through smoking, at least 69 of which we know are cancer-causing.

Air pollution is different everywhere. In the US, fuel is the leading cause of death due to air pollution and it causes about 2 million deaths.

Air pollution, is the only urban problem?

A research group from the University of Texas at Austin works to understand the relationship between air pollution substances in cities, how people are affected and human health.

In the field of organizational consultation, a proverb is popularly, “Managing what you can’t standardize is not your thing.”

The atmosphere of our cities is much polluted but it is not enough to know. City planners, air quality regulators, public health to effectively deal with the pollution and improve the public health. Workers and those in other sectors of the field need accurate information about the various pollutants and their modes of interaction.

Effect of Air Pollution

“The most important thing is that without pollution accuracy, without the standardization of air pollution, the sources of pollution,” says Jo Shaw Apte We are just floating in the dark about the testing procedure. ”

According to experts, air pollution today is generally an urban problem affecting the major cities of the world, but if it is not taken seriously, the problem is to move cities and villages out of the city.

However, this does not mean that rural areas are completely safe from air pollution, but the fact is that the effects of air pollution are still being felt in remote areas.

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