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Are Your Bones Filled?

When the bones become less stressed, they develop into heaviness and heaviness. Osteoporosis (OSTEOPOROSIS) is a silent disease. It does not appear until a bone in the body is broken. Bones are like tissue (TISSUES), which shrinks and changes. They therefore require balanced and healthy nutrients for growth, such as calcium, hormones, vitamins “D” (vitamin D), calories and calories (proteins), etc.

They also require heavy workouts to keep them healthy, such as running, walking fast, climbing or playing tennis can be beneficial.


Generally, it is found only after a bone in the body has broken down, that they have developed a lot of aging and they are old.

Generally, the body breaks down due to a sudden fall in climbing, erratic or falling while traveling.

When someone gets old, the bones break out and they start to change. These events are more likely to occur with people whose bones are full or broken. They are broken by the appearance of a lightweight scalp on the bones. When the bones are full, they affect the entire body structure. There are some areas where the breakage is high, such as the wrists, spine and hips.

Symptoms of bone fracture

There is pain in the upper, middle, and lower limbs. The size decreases by about two centimeters. On the back, the elbows begin to form.

Which people have more concerns?

The disease affects people of all ages. So it should not be called elderly or women’s disease. Children can suffer from it too.

One in every four men and one out of every 50-year-old woman has a broken bone when it is full. In most turkeys, hepatic sinusitis is easily treated and can be avoided. If timely diagnosis is done on the basis of symptoms, the results can be very good. For a person whose bones are full, it is necessary to have a spinal cord and hips “dexasiacan” (DEXA SCAN). Bone Surgeon If Your Bones Are Tight or Fear (Orthopedic) advice is very important.

Joint edema


It is a disease of infants and young people and usually occurs between the ages of five and fifteen years. A sudden and unbearable fatigue or injury to a joint may cause pain in the joints and it is severe. Occasionally, a few days before joint pain, the patient begins to feel fatigue and discomfort, with no apparent cause, as well as the patient develops a high fever and usually loss of appetite and constipation. Complaints also persist in the patient’s heart beating louder and faster.


Full rest in bed is essential even if the patient is not allowed to leave the bed for relief. Full rest is necessary until the fever subsides. Do not start working hard when the heartbeat does not come to normal, but gradually come to daily routine. Do not move the affected joint at all. To keep the joints in place, you can put a cotton bandage on it. Splint from the bazaar is even more useful with splints of wood, and do not massage the joints. Wet towels also reduce pain but overheating can be harmful. The patient should lie on the side where he feels more comfortable. Appropriate treatment for loss of appetite and constipation and give the patient a balanced diet if excessive sweating. If you sweat with a towel or sponge on the ground, a large amount of salt is wasted in the sweat, so give the patient saline water to drink. Aspirin is the best remedy for this disease. Helps to remove the roots of this disease.

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