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Avoid Any Type Of Headaches

To understand the painful symptoms, avoid brain tumor disease

Do not ignore any headache, identifying painful symptoms. For example, headache caused by stressful daily routine is causing a headache in patients but does not cause headache in one person. Severity has been steadily increasing for a very long time; at this point, it is very important to seek medical advice from a neurologist. Dr. V.P. It is quite possible that this person is affected by a brain tumor disease, says Dr. PV Singh, who is the President of the Madanata Institute of Neuro Sciences at Madanta Medical City Hospital, Garh village.

Dr. Singh added that in countries like Bihar and Jharkhand, people are not aware of the symptoms of brain tumor diseases and other neurological diseases. Dr. Singh, who is present at the Patna Madanta OPD Clinic.

According to the experience gained from monthly medical visits, it is said that these states need to establish a modern treatment system.

The main points of the interview with Dr. VP Singh are:

Question: Inform our readers about various headaches and brain tumor-related headaches and early symptoms.

Answer: There are generally two types of headaches: common pain or complex headache. It is commonly seen that people are stressed in everyday life. Common headaches are caused by pain and anxiety. Mental neurology or neurology falls into the category of headaches. In fact, patients’ headaches appear at a person’s age of 10-20 years, the severity of which is more frequent.

Symptoms Of Myocardial Infarction:

Half of the headaches and, in some cases, the whole headache are the symptoms of myocardial infarction. Symptoms include symptoms such as acne and numbness, light, and shock problems. In this type of headache, the headache is relieved only when the patient is on medication.

In many patients, it has been seen that the frequency of headache continues. In this case, an MRI test report is normal. In this type of headache, two types of medicines should be taken when the patient knows when he or she has a headache; then, he or she should take medication before the headache. In the second case, when the headache persists, the drug should be taken. Some headaches are caused by a brain hemorrhage. In this type of pain, the brain can explode, and blood starts to flow out. Everything happens suddenly.

Digitalized Traction Angiography:

In this case, through the -Angio CT -and Angio-MRI-detecting non-invasive probe detection site, The second investigation is “digitalized traction angiography.” In this process, blood is detected by blood diseases in the brain. Now, look at the cerebral palsy. Due to the presence of an abnormal balloon-shaped bulge in the inner wall of the brain, blood circulates to the muscle mass. This disrupts the normal flow of blood to the muscles, and in many cases increases the balloon bulge, Becomes a life threat to the patient.

In this case, inventory show qualifying is done by traditional technology. Blood flow is prevented by the flow of blood from the abduction of the muscular balloon that is taken into the weak area of ​​the patient’s wall.

Q: What are the types of brain tumors?

Answer: An abnormal growth figure is shown in the group of cells in the brain when a tumor is formed in the brain, and abnormal brain size is established in the brain.

There are two types of brain tumors:

  1. 1. Drilling (Nine) Tumors
  2. 2. Poor tumor

Question: Does Mental Sugar (IMRI) Production Have Better Results?

Answer: According to the research and treatment studies obtained, the removal of brain tumors by surgery will be as effective as the patients who have undergone surgery will survive for a longer period of time. Neurosurgeon, without brain cancer, can complete the tumor operation without any loss to the patient. Apparently, comparing the results of the surgery with the results of the surgery that included brain-sweat (IB) MRI) is not used; this will prove to be very good.

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