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Cancer Is Spreading Fast!

Lung and breast cancer cases are the most frequent cases worldwide. Next comes colon cancer, the fourth is bladder and cancer of the back and mouth. The symptoms of cancer take different forms depending on the location. The American Cancer Society has identified seven signs or dangerous signals. Which can lead to the presence of cancer.

The signs are:

A boil that doesn’t heal. Changes in intestinal or bladder conditions. Abnormally no blood or any other material flowing, rash in the chest, thickening of the skin or swelling in the chest or other location, indigestion or difficulty swallowing anything, Or abnormal changes in the size of the pimples, persistent coughing that becomes painful or swallows.

Other symptoms of cancer include loss of weight due to unknown reasons (especially for older ones), changing skin color, changes in women’s daytime or high blood flow.

Causes of cancer

The underlying cause of cancer is still unknown, but it is clear from clinical practice, that

Involuntary Mental Factors include Unhealthy Diet, Smoking, Pan, Stools, Gitka, and Absence of Mawa, Obesity, Infection, and Radiation. Hays are essential to staying safe from cancer. The cautious approach to food choices can be prevented by cancer. If the following nutrients are to be avoided. So you can be protected from an illness like cancer.

Artificial sugar

Artificial or white sugar where blood sugar levels rise. There, overuse of it can lead to diabetes. The other side was taken artificially. Sugar can also cause cancer cell proliferation.

A German psychiatrist has revealed that cancer-causing tumors may later become cancerous. Are actually created using artificial sugar. Be aware, the right amount of sugar is present in our daily diet. However, high amounts of artificial sweeteners are used in cold drinks, chocolates and the like. Which increases the chances of getting cancer.

So it is better to use honey, jaggery and brown sugar instead of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Canned meat

Generally, meat is characterized by a variety of flavors, such as taste changes and prolonged use. Different chemicals are used. It is later packaged in specific packing. Known as processed mats.

So instead of packaged meat in factories, make fresh meat part of your diet. Which has not undergone any kind of chemical processing.

Farmhouse fish

Farmhouses where fish are grown on a commercial basis. In some farmhouses, various chemicals and natural methods are used to grow more and more fish.

These chemicals increase the number of fish. But they also cause a variety of diseases. The top of which is cancer. Experts say that the use of a variety of drugs and chemicals to increase the fish’s abnormal growth is harmful to health. So make it part of your diet that is naturally derived, fish.

Nitrate National Diet

Foods that contain high amounts of nitrate, such nutrients help the body to accumulate unnecessary and abnormal cells. Which may later turn into tumors. Therefore, it should be avoided in foods containing nitrates.

Non-standard oil consumption

In general, food is prepared in the market for oils, which are not taken care of in quality.

Substandard oil is commonly used in the manufacture of finger chips and some other products. Olive, coconut and palm oil should be used instead of non-standard oils to protect children and adults against cancer.

Chips, popcorn and fast food

Avoid chips, popcorn and fast food, where standard oil is not used in the preparation of these foods, chemicals are used in the packaging in which they are available, which become part of the blood through the diet. Can lead to tumors and tumors.


Tobacco causes at least fifteen different types of cancer, while nine out of every 10 lung cancer cases are fatal.

Second-hand smoke

Smoking is dangerous to the extent that smoking in the same sitting person is just as harmful for the non-smoker as for the person who drinks.

Cigarette smoke destroys hundreds of toxic chemicals, and up to seventy percent of those chemicals can cause cancer. This amount of second hand smoke is also harmful to go inside the body, and increases the risk of lung cancer.

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