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Does peanuts good for health?

Peanuts are called almonds of the poor. During this period, when the prices of dried fruits speak from the sky, about five to six thousand, figs twelve hundred to fifteen hundred, almonds about two thousand and walnuts are also two thousand rupees. If I am not available in less than four hundred kilos of peanuts will be the fruit of paradise. In the winter, eating peanuts is a necessity for restoring human health, storing energy, and improving energy efficiency.

If chewing gum was used as a romance for the season, now it is no less pleasant to peanuts and to enjoy food. China is number one in the cultivation and production of peanuts. ۔

They say that 42% of the world’s total production is cultivated here; India is the second and the third largest country.

It has many benefits.

According to Dr. Muji Badr of the Egyptian Research Institute of Egypt Society of Allergy And Immunology, “it is the key nutrient that strengthens and improves the immune system of the human body.” The use of peanuts is effective in the blood vessels. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer. It greatly reduces the effects of aging.

It contains up to 25% of the protein that helps the human body’s cells renew. It contains nutrients such as folic acid, copper, new sen, and other vitamins, including vitamin E. All of these elements protect the heart and arteries. Peanuts are not only useless but also full of antioxidants, which is important when the pigments are extracted, which is important. It contains mineral salts.

Peanut fiber also has nutritional benefits, such as it helps to lose weight and keep asthma safe.

This invaluable gift of nature also carries a droplet of fungi that produces serotonin in the body. This substance helps to keep the mood normal by protecting people from depression and neurological stress. American research states that peanuts Eating reveals cardiovascular benefits.

In this study, people who did not eat dried fruits. Although peanuts are not dry fruit, their nutrients are very similar to the dried fruit. If you are not allergic to peanuts, then it is also not harmful to eat in excess. However, you need to eat 17 to 18 grams of peanuts. Maybe. Eating peanuts will be beneficial if a person is very carefree.

It helps protect against cancer. It contains protein, calcium, vitamin E, B1, B6, and phosphorus that boost the nerves to some extent. Diabetes type 2 also benefits the patient. It helps to create new cells. Regular exercise also benefits people—aids in strengthening bones and teeth.

It is also useful for gastrointestinal and lungs and contains such antioxidants. Nutritionally high in apples, beets, and carrots. Women whose hair is falling may benefit from using peanuts.


  • It is better for women who are pregnant to eat with doctor’s advice.
  • Always eat roasted peanuts to get better benefits.
  • Peanut common allergies

Food allergy rates have risen over the past 30 years, especially in industrial societies, and these incidents are more prevalent. How high is this increase? It depends on the diet and the place where the affected person lives. Peanut allergies in the UK increased fivefold in 1995 and 2016.

At King’s College London, 1300 children under the age of three were studied for Eat review. Peanut allergy has now been confirmed in two-thirds of the children. According to a survey, 9% of Australian children aged one year were allergic to eggs. While 3% were allergic to peanuts, it is also possible that allergic factors may include the role of environmental pollution, changes in dietary habits, and microscopic hazards, which affects the immune system of the human body. Some environmental factors may also be responsible for allergies.

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