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Effects of calcium on the human body

Calcium in the body is found in bones, which are the basic basis of the human body. Bones are found in the form of compounds such as calcium, calcium carbonate and phosphate. Calcium constitutes about one percent of the total human weight in the human body and is 100-90 mg per liter in the blood. Calcium is needed in small quantities, but its presence plays an important role in the human body’s ability to function properly.

Calcium is an important factor in the texture and durability of both bones and teeth in the human body. The process of clotting is called clotting, which prevents the loss of blood flow in the event of injury or injury. Calcium deficiency causes muscle spasms, followed by persistent muscle aches. Causes In addition, calcium is needed to activate the enzymes that stimulate the chemical reactions in the human body. If calcium is not taken in sufficient quantities, the performance of these enzymes can be badly affected.

Effects of calcium deficiency on human body:

Bone fractures in young children and minor pressure in the elderly bones have the effects of calcium deficiency if calcium is not given to children. If they do not grow taller, calcium deficiency can lead to a disease like goiter. Further calcium deficiency causes obesity, heart attack, chest pain, muscle spasms, fatigue, dry skin, nails. Includes deterioration, itching and tooth decay.

Calcium deficiency has a detrimental effect on human health. Naturally available commodities, which are rich in calcium, should be used to relieve calcium deficiency or to satisfy its need in the human body. Use of milk and milk products greatly benefits it. Apart from this, egg yolk, beans and leafy vegetables are also found in plenty. Calcium requirements increase when growth is accelerated and bones grow faster at an early age.

Likewise, pregnant and lactating women need calcium too. If proper calcium intake is used, breastfeeding calcium deficiency can be counteracted. Use of calcium rich nutrients Limits are important so that it can be prevented by the diseases it lacks.

Calcium deficiency triggers: –     

  • Frequent consumption of tea and caffeine-based beverages
  • Use of Family Planning Pills
  • Urinary tract use
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive use of sugar white
  • Frequent use of vitamins
  • Frequent use of edible salt
  • Most used chocolate
  • Frequent use of grease
  • Use of toxic metal compounds

Calcium Devotion from The Body: –

A large amount of calcium that is absorbed into the body after being absorbed into the body is absorbed in the calcium waste from four hundred to eight hundred milligrams daily. The calcium excretion through urine is also processed.

Calcium sources: –

Daily Calcium Requirement: –

Calcium requirements vary depending on the age and the circumstances, such as the need for an increased intake of calcium in children who are growing.

Pregnant women need more calcium, as well as breastfeeding women need more calcium.

Because the baby who is breastfeeding is absorbing calcium from the mother’s body and calcium deficiency in the mother’s body.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency: –

  • Muscle aches
  • Anxiety
  • Fall of curls
  • Do not sleep
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nervous pressure
  • Nissan
  • Feeling of cold at times
  • Staying up all the time
  • Lecoria in women
  • Feeling as if I am dying
  • Circulation in men
  • Irritation of the chest
  • Mental seizures

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