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Eye Protection Is Extremely Important

According to a cautious estimate, 30 million people worldwide suffer from blindness, while a report published in the journal Lancet GLOBAL HEALTH has revealed that if the vision is related with this increase in medical problems, the number of blind people worldwide will reach one billion 15 billion by 2050.

Pakistan is the third largest country in the world in terms of number of eye diseases, where 200 million people suffer from different vision problems, including three million children. While 80% of these patients suffer from cataract.

Types of Eye Diseases

There are many eye diseases, but we have more common sight, white and blackness. White cataracts are a disorder in which the eye abscesses gradually fade and cause a loss of vision. In fact, with age, the appearance of eye contact is more pronounced, but at times it increases to such an extent that the light does not fully reach the eye, causing individuals and things to become unclear. Seems to be difficult to perform, even on a daily basis, but there is a type of white pearl that does not affect the patient’s normal life.

The black pearl is the exact opposite. The black cataract, which is called “glaucoma” (GLAUCOMA) in medical terms. Numbers in fatal diseases of the eyebrows. If it causes vision loss once, it is not restored, however timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent the loss of vision completely. It is common for us to believe that white pearls become permanent, which turns into black pearls, which is not true at all. The disease of pearls is prevalent in any part of the age, especially the elderly. In some cases it is hereditary.


For the treatment of white pearls, the operation is done by removing the membrane of the eye and replacing it with artificial lenses, so that life can be lived normally, while treating black pearls is only possible at the time of diagnosis, so when forty years of age. If there is more than one, whether there is any problem or not, an annual eye examination should be done and if the black pearl is included in the family history then all the family members should have their eyes checked every year. Black cataracts are treated by the nature of their medications, eye drops, laser rays and headgear.

The weakness of the eyes can be far and near. Over the past few decades, the prevalence of visual impairment in people of all ages, especially children, has increased sharply, mainly due to the increasing use of the Internet, computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets.


In addition, some diseases can have harmful effects on the eyes, such as diabetes, assess it, such that up to 50% of blindness sufferers suffer from diabetes, while white or black pearls are affected in affected patients. The chances are even higher than the average. It is best to have a diabetic patient at least once every six months for eye examination.

Avoided Things

Eyes should be avoided after expiry date. Wash hands thoroughly before removing and applying lenses, do not sleep every night at night. Do not use lenses at all if the eye is cold or watery. Otherwise, remove any injury or discomfort immediately after applying. Otherwise, there may be wounds in the front of the eyes and if there is infection in the wound, then vision may also be affected.

Similarly, the use of helmets for motorcyclists is also beneficial to the eyes, because while riding a motorcycle, the eyes appear to have permanent air, which causes them to dry, secondly if a piece of clay is visible to the eye. If I go I can be dangerous. Foods that provide energy to the body, their food is also useful for the eyes. Protecting the eyes to protect them from weakness and other disorders of the eye. Precautions are not implemented.

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