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Healthy Heart

With increasing age, the chances of a person suffering from cardiovascular disease also increase. About 85 percent of those who suffer from coronary artery disease or coronary artery Disease are people over the age of 65. According to research on the same age group, men have a higher risk of developing a heart attack than women.

Women are more at risk of heart and artery disease after menstruation. That is, inheritance plays an effective role in this matter. If these factors are controlled by the help of individuals, family and friends, the chances of developing heart disease may be low, or if the disease has been attacked, the situation can be further prevented.


If a few precautions are followed, the cardiovascular disease can be substantially protected. Tobacco use is dangerous in any way. Some people say that they only smoke two or three cigarettes daily. No number or quantity can be considered acceptable for smoking. At the same time, keep in mind that the homosexuality of people who are smokers is just as deadly.

This is called second-hand smoke. Cholesterol, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the blood can be brought back to normal by making appropriate changes in the diet. Bad cholesterol causes the layers of fat to build up in the arteries, which can lower blood flow, or even stop. Which reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart and brain. This situation can lead to bad results.

Side Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes affects the cells and also damages the walls of the arteries. It can cause heart diseases. Overweight has adverse effects on the body. The heavier a man is, the harder his heart has to work, so that nutritious blood can reach all parts of the body. Investigations have shown that cardiovascular diseases are more common in people who are overweight.

People who live sluggish and cheap. They face the risk that they will suffer from cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases; it is imperative for any bodily organ to remain healthy and strong. This is also important for the heart. Simple exercise can also be useful. This procedure allows the heart to pump blood well, and blood pressure can also be controlled.

Exercise is also very important

Mild exercise can also cause a decrease in mental stress and maintain a normal body weight. This exercise helps to balance and improve blood sugar levels. High fat foods can cause heart and artery diseases. Such diets cause hypertension, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. If a family has heart diseases, it is important to pay special attention to such factors and concerns.

In addition to the above one important factor that can be overcome is stress. Because it can have harmful effects on the hormone system and blood pressure. Healthy outcomes can be achieved by making appropriate changes in lifestyle and behavior with people. It is important for each person to be their grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, father’s brother, sister’s mother’s brother. Sisters, keep health information about yourself and your siblings.

Why should these things be regarded as defects?

This information should include things related to congenital defects, heart diseases, diabetes, eye defects, kidney and liver diseases, bone and muscle diseases, psychiatric or mental disorders, respiratory diseases and inflammatory diseases. Such information may not only be in relation to one’s health but also about weddings, etc. The more information available, the better it will be for healing.

Many diseases are inherited, which can be passed on from one family to another. Family records can be helpful in treating and treating such conditions. It may seem inappropriate at the outset, that the diseases of the dissident be transcribed. The purpose of controlling this disease is to protect its own people from these diseases.

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