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How to Avoid Back and Neck Pain

We have a lot to offer in the teaching area, especially for women. Teachers are highly respected in the society and are said to have children and steps in their hands.

Many women come to the physician complaining of neck, back and joint pain. Research has shown that about 90 percent of female teachers suffer from these problems.

A Hong Kong study has proven that 3 to 69 percent of female teachers have neck pain. A Chinese study also found that 6 to 45 percent of female teachers suffer from back pain, while Brazilian research says 41 percent of female teachers suffer from back and neck discomfort.

According to my (author) research, 10% of female teachers suffer from neck pain, 3% to 5% waist pain in 2% and leg pain in 49% and neck, waist and legs in 49%.

Neck Pain Be A Sign Of Something Serious

These discomfort include not only pain, but also muscle spasm, swelling and joint pain.

According to research, female teachers have been checking neck, using blackboards more often, standing longer, and stress are the main causes of these problems, affecting the lives of young people. The effects of these disadvantages affect not only the joints, but the entire body of women teachers.

These disadvantages increase with age and over time and can lead to physical disabilities. If the effects of the effects on the body are taken into account, it is not wrong to say that some pains are associated with impairments of the waist seals, including the neck or lower back, which reach the growing arms and legs and the body hears. Seems to be Timely treatment and precautions are very important.

How should sit to avoid neck pain

The requirement is that women teachers should be made aware of these problems, so that they can avoid them. The most common cause of these diseases is the lifestyle of today. Also include not having time for exercise, not having proper furniture for teachers and having financial problems. No one else can do what the teachers themselves can do to prevent these diseases.

By taking time out for yourself, they can reduce the pain and improve their quality of life. The school administration should not put too much work pressure on the teachers, because the more satisfied they are, the better they can fulfill their duties.

The table height for the female teachers to sit in is neither too high nor too low. They should make daily lightweight exercise and walking a routine. Women teachers keep their diet. Increase the amount of calcium in the diet. They must drink about ten to twelve glasses of water a day. If female teachers are to stand up for work, they should sit in the chair for three to four minutes after each hour and take a long breath.

How to relieve pressure on the spine

If people are using cell phones while texting, use both their hands and their thumbs. Spinel headgears also give useful tips on using computers and tablets while avoiding the use of smartphones. For example, use stands that can keep their eyes on the screen. No need to tilt the neck to see them.

This method is also recommended for laptops and it is recommended that they use a separate keyboard and mouse so that the laptop is at eye level and whatever they type try to keep the neck in a relaxed position. Recommended to adopt a proper physical appearance for smartphone users is a daunting task because if we try to bring the phone to the level of our eyes so that the viewer below is protected from posture, then it is possible to see the shoulder. Because we will be forced to lift our arms and shoulders at that time.

A more practical recommendation is to take frequent breaks during smartphone use and do some exercises that strengthen the neck and shoulders muscles.

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