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Joint Pain Is Painful

There can be various causes of joint pain. From arthritis to gland inflammation (called Bursitis in medical terms) and injury can also cause pain. Some illnesses such as Mumps, jaundice and flu may also cause joint pain for some time. Eating medicines can also have side effects. But in the …

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Jamun – A Natural Cure for Many Diseases

Jamun is a well-known fruit, which occurs only in the rainy season and ends in the same season. As the monsoon rains, it keeps on blooming. It is common in northern Pakistan to southern India. If the fruit of the jamun is raw, it is spicy. In the rain it …

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Lack Of “Protein” In Hair?

Beautiful hair is part of the personality of a human being ‘which makes his personality confident and attractive. Whether men or women have dark and shiny hair everyone wants it. A large number of people nowadays suffer from hair problems. Women consult doctors for solutions to these problems and also …

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Safe Treatment for Grape Headache

Hijamas say grapefruit is useful for migraine patients. The migraine lasts for a few hours and is sometimes so severe that the patient is unable to function. Using grapes can relieve headache. Drinking grapefruit juice quickly causes a headache. If you have a bunch of grapes in front of you …

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No need to leave rice for dieting anymore

Rice, which can be called the favorite food of most people, will be one of the few that will show dislike for rice. Thus, the amount of fat is less if you see it in rice, but it is high in carbohydrates. Causing them to gain weight. This is why …

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Low Blood Pressure Is Also A Risky Disease!

Most people worry about hypertension and if someone is infected. So it should just be an immediate precaution. It should also be treated well, so as to keep it under control and safe from its adverse effects. But low blood pressure also gives rise to many problems, such as headaches, …

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