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Is it Bad to Eat Honey?

Honey and milk are important in the blessings God has bestowed on humans. Honey is a useful sacred diet and medicine that has been used since ancient times. Before the invention of sugar for honey, honey was used for sweetness. Honey is the first and last diet of a human being. The newborn baby is given as a deficiency, and the bulb is also given to the patient.

Why Not Eat Honey:

The basis of modern medicine (the Yellow Path System of Medicine) is based on the germ of the bacterium. Not only does germ honey protect against bacterial diseases, but it does not survive any kind of germs. One feature of honey is that it does not only does it decompose itself, but the substance in it does not deteriorate. Honey does not harm diabetic patients. One of the qualities of honey is its immediate effect. Before eating, ninety percent of it is digested and gets into the stomach immediately, giving a sense of instant energy that is lasting.


The Roman historian Plutarch writes of ancient Britishers that the reason for their longevity was the frequent use of honey. Ancient Greek philosophers also consider honey to be long-lived. The people there are long-lived in this regard. The Central Asian state of Azerbaijan can be named.

Benefits of Eating Honey:

Honey is effective in almost every disease, and therefore it is said that there is a cure for every disease except death. Dr. GNW Thomas Edinbraskland says that “many digestive patients also had cardiovascular disease.” I tested the honey and found it strange to have a random heart movement and a patient who had the strength. ”


The renowned global psychiatrist, Dr. Arnold, explains the benefits of honey and how to use it on various occasions. The Greek Department of Hygiene Officer Dr. JHQJ wrote in his book, “Modern Dietary.” A patient’s digestion becomes weak in chronic illness such as pneumonia, etc., even when the patient’s heart is weak. Honey is the best strategy.” Says Evie Mika, a professor at Hopkins University, that honey is the best protection and immune system. American doctor Clements Jar Ten says that if there are mineral ingredients inside the body, two teaspoons of apple vinegar mixed with honey, then all the diseases, from measles to asthma and childhood to old age, as well as skin diseases. I am relieved. Russian people treat the fire with an ointment made from honey. Honey and fish oil should be applied in equal quantities to the affected part. In Russia, the ointment is now manufactured and sold on a commercial basis.

What are the Uses of Honey?

Honey helps in the release of toxins from the body, while its antibacterial properties help to make the skin transparent and refined. If you are worried about increased weight, medical experts recommend removing sugar from the diet and adding honey. Curry because the sweetness of honey is different from sugar, which improves metabolism and is essential for bodyweight loss.

Is eating Honey is Harmful for your Skin:

Cholesterol-free honey contains ingredients and vitamins that reduce the level of cholesterol that is harmful to health. Eating honey daily is beneficial for maintaining levels of antioxidants that fight excess cholesterol. Medical research says that antioxidants in honey protect the arteries from ‘shrinking arteries’ to prevent heart failure ’cause memory loss or headache’, but use 2 teaspoons of honey daily with one glass of water. Some medical research has demonstrated the ability of honey to fight mental stress, which restores a defense system that helps improve memory. The calcium present in honey has a beneficial effect on the brain’s functions by absorbing it. The honey increases the level of insulin in the blood, releasing a chemical called serotonin, which converts melatonin into a hormone causing good sleep. Being an empty stomach protects a spoonful of honey from the digestive tract. Honey also heals the internal wounds of the body by eliminating germs that go to the gut. Honey can help with the discomfort of the throat while preventing cough.

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