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Jamun – A Natural Cure for Many Diseases

Jamun is a well-known fruit, which occurs only in the rainy season and ends in the same season. As the monsoon rains, it keeps on blooming. It is common in northern Pakistan to southern India. If the fruit of the jamun is raw, it is spicy. In the rain it is ripe, juicy, slightly lionish and dense.

The kernel is small and large, depending on the type of jam. There are usually three types of jam. One is smaller, called jumbo, it has less pulp. The other common type is a slightly larger bundle. The third type of jam is larger, which is called fruit.

One of the great qualities of the blessings that Allah has given to humans in the form of fruits and vegetables is that they are in compliance with their seasonal needs.

During the rainy season the acid increases in the body, which in turn makes it feel heavier. Abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. During the monsoon rains, it is often seen that when eaten with a full stomach, the stomach smells, diarrhea, and digestive system is damaged. Fruit jam produced during the rainy season not only eliminates the increased acidity, but also improves the digestive system.

In the rainy season, jam-eaters are also safe from the traps that result from acidity and blood-borne rash.

Jams give fruits as a diet, but it also serves as a medicine for many diseases. In this way we can count jams in fruits, which are rich in nutritional and medicinal benefits. The pin and the increased seasonal acidity are gone. It has been using antibiotics as a medicine for diabetes for centuries, which is extremely effective.


Homeopathic remedies are used to treat diabetes mellitus. In the beginning, eating saffron jam is carefully and carefully controlled for diabetes. This is the reason that it gives great importance to Hays in therapy and it is well-known that Hays is better than one hundred treatments.

The West is now fed up with antibiotics and is seeking natural remedies and is giving nutritional medicine a regular form of science. Early disease is treated only with dietary modification. Then with dietary medicines, we have a strong urge to eat right now, and we are suffering from escaping nature.

Eating half a kilo of jam will provide the same nutrition as one meal at a time.

Jamn increases appetite in terms of its functions. Heat removes heat. Also reduces blood pressure and acidity. This is a great gift for those who are warm, but just as everything is moderately appropriate, jammun should also be eaten moderately. He gets constipated by overeating. The correct way to eat jam is to eat salt and pepper with a criss-cross and always eat after eating.

Eating an empty stomach can cause pain. The following are the medical benefits of jam:

Strong teeth and gums

Grind a jam of coarse wood and mix it with salt and pepper and use it as an antidote to strengthen teeth and gums. Likewise, the bark of the jam tree that has the same benefits from sandal.


Combine the berries of jam and let it dry in the sun. Then make them saffron, and before eating in the morning and half a teaspoon of tea before bedtime, the diabetes is controlled by eating for some time.


Drain the berries of jam and make a saucepan. Then in the morning and afternoon, eat half a tablespoon fresh water. Within 15 days the disease will begin to subside.

Mouth blisters

To get rid of mouth ulcers, jam should be eaten without salt.

Bleeding or bloody hemorrhoids

Grind soft leaves of jam in the water, remove the vein and add sugar to it and stop drinking blood from the wound. Blood coming into the hemorrhoids also stops.

Voice error

In case of a voice impairment, heavy pinching or throat impairment, it is beneficial to mix honey with jam pellets and take tablets with it.

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