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July, the month of ice cream

It’s the month of July and warm monsoons sometimes run hot or cold airs. Don’t be afraid of the sweat of the cold winds, who is more cruel than anyone who doesn’t enjoy ice cream! July is considered to be the month to enjoy ice cream. In the US and European world, the taste of eating ice cream is much greater than we think, especially in our urban population.

Peshawar Ice Cream has become such a trend that ice cream has become our favorite dessert.

Looking at the history, it is revealed that the cause of the ice cream has been for thousands of years. It is said of Nero of Rome that he paid special attention to the preparation of ice cream, while Alexander Azam was also addicted to honey milk ice cream.

In 1744, ice cream was discovered in America, a favorite of America’s early presidents.

Ice cream which was a significant amount of money at the time. President Thomas Jefferson made his special ice cream. Introduced the food to the public. Ice cream, in imitation of the United States, became so popular that it became America’s national sweet dish.

California has been ahead of all in terms of ice cream preparation. Vanilla ice cream has the most prominent flavor.

Ice cream flavors for July

When it comes to different flavors of ice cream, the whole month will be visible with some ice cream flavors. Beginning on July 1st, Kreative Ativa Ice Cream Flavors, the middle days of the month are known for patch ice cream, while the last of July On days vanilla ice cream is eaten.

Former US President Ronaldigan officially launched a nationwide ice cream month in July, which is now celebrated all over the world.

Ice cream medical utilities

In the summer season ice cream is the favorite dessert for the majority, which is where the heat gets overwhelmed by the food, there are numerous medical benefits to it, which will make you more addicted to ice cream.

Ice cream is a unique diet of people because of its taste, but very few people will be aware of the medical benefits of ice cream. Looking at the health treasures given below, you are not convinced that ice cream is effective. The love of cream will also be injured.

Treasure of Vitamins

Did you know that ice cream is full of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E? The thing does not end there, but the ingredients of vitamin K are found in the ice cream, which helps the blood. They keep the blood flowing while preventing clotting.

Do not forget that ice cream also contains chemicals such as new flax, thiamin and ribo flange, which protect against the effects of heat and water deficiency by removing water deficiency in the body.

Getting energy

Ice cream is not only a nutrient, but it is also a great source of energy. It contains high amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which are considered essential for maintaining our body’s energy, however you if there are diabetic patients, it should be used in appropriate quantities in consultation with the physician.

The main source of minerals

Standard ice cream contains important mineral ingredients like calcium and phosphorus, which keep our bones strong and protect us from kidney stones. This mode also works to prevent the effects of vomiting and mood depression, by eating it. Feelings of happiness begin to erupt in the heart.

Refreshment of mind

By eating ice cream, the hormones of happiness called thrombotonin stimulate the body by releasing the resulting skeleton and refreshing the world of mind.

Ice cream is made from milk, which is found in L-triptophane. It is a server-side substance, which relaxes the nervous system and reduces the effects of insomnia.

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