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King of fruits, Mango

Mango is a recognizable fruit. They are called Ambaj in Arabic, Mango in English, Amba in Persian and Amra in Sanskrit. Mango is called the king of fruits. It is the most popular summer fruit and is most commonly consumed by other fruits around the world. I find starch in it. It is also found in herbal ingredients. In addition to potassium, glucose is also found in the diet. It is a nutritious fruit. It relieves physical weakness and produces blood. It also stimulates the body. We do liver, heart, brain, bones and muscles. Protects from severe heat. We want to feed the children especially. It is best for cough and asthma patients. It strengthens the memory. This is why people with mental impairments must. It is cultivated in many hot climatic countries other than the Indian subcontinent, Burma and Sri Lanka. The most favorite and eaten fruit is Pakistan and India. Pakistan and India are called mango houses. Pakistan is counted among the major mango producing countries. Pakistan has high demand for mangoes in foreign countries. Today mango is cultivated in many South Asian countries. Is. Mango cultivation is rampant in the Philippines, Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Central America.

Are Mangoes Good For You?

This delicious, but sweet and healthy fruit that is eaten in the rain is equally favorable to the rich and poor alike. Mango fruit is not only tasteful but also has a lot of steel. Women in particular can benefit greatly from it. Usually women who waste their energy during the period can make a great recovery from this fruit. Pregnant women also need a lot of steel. I have a shortage of steel, also known as anemia, which can get the energy it needs from this fruit. Like many other fruits, mangoes have the strength to withstand many diseases. By using mango you can not only fight cancer like cancer, but also fight heart disease, which can lead to blood pressure. Or have a cholesterol complaint. They should use it regularly.

It is possible to cure nail acne. It has the ability to close open pimples on the face. People who have two to four acne problems should be cut into fine pieces and applied to the affected area. Allow the mango to remain in place for ten minutes and wash the first one with warm water.

Where Does Mangoes Come From?

Mango leaves, fruits, stem bark, wood in the middle of the stem and roots contain magnesium ferrin. Fruits include Gallic acid, gelatin Nan, alagic acid, am, tri-Gallic acid, querci tin, ice querci tin and glucose gallin chemicals. It is obtained from its dry seeds (kernels). It also has more than one chemical ingredient in its root and bark. There are also pharmaceuticals and specialties in me.

Uses of Mangoes

Various uses of mango are made from syrup, marmalade, pickles, salsa, chutneys, sweets, jellies and amchoor etc. Besides this, flowers also work.

According to a research report, the rate of toxic substances in the blood of people who eat mangoes is 10%. In this way mango is also called super food. Ketchup mangoes are also very useful for health. The thirst is low. Vitamin C contained in it makes the blood vessels elastic. It contains more vitamin B and B than mangoes. The carbohydrates contained in curry will increase the excretion of Safra. Are. Raw mangoes are also found useful in eye diseases, such as asthma or night scalp (which is difficult to see at night).

Its mango season, so readers should try to get the most out of its fruit by using it as it is a seasonal fruit and will appear in the market after one year.

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