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Kiwi fruit is full of unique flavors with wonderful flavors

Kiwi fruit or gooseberry or juicy fruit is considered to be one of the most nutritious fruits included in the soft versatile fruit group. Its plant name is Actinide Chinese’s. China Kia indigenous fruit belongs to the region of China, a region that has been known for centuries for the regional woody vine worldwide.

The regional language of Kiev Fruit is called Yang too, and according to the tall trees, it is located 500-1200 meters above sea level in the middle of Szechuan Province, in the northern part of China Valley (Umazhi Shaun). This delicious fruit from its birthplace reached New Zealand’s mainland (through itinerant travelers and travelers) named after this delicious young tomato kiwi fruit (Kiwi Fruit).

What benefits do Kiwis Have?

This sweet fruit of China is now being grown on an industrial basis in many countries of the world. Among those mentioned are Italy, Australia, Chile, Iran and France Wanda. But it is hardly surprising that worldwide and no other fruit has found the popularity of popularity in such a short time as the popularity of kiwi fruit.

It is also a record, especially with regard to commercial cultivating or cultivating on an industrial basis, that in such a short period this delicious tropical fruit has become a fruitful fruit of interest.

Is Kiwi good for platelets?

The outer skin of the kiwi fruit is rustic or beige, while the texture is fluffy, the appearance is elliptical and elliptical with the edges. Rubbing brown cotton on its outer skin or skin easily cleanses by rubbing with cotton cloth.

If the kiwifruit is cut in two equal parts in the middle or in the cross-section, the part of the mattress that is close to the peel will turn sharp green, while the middle part of the mattress will become sharper when the middle part is white. Contains a dark circle of small black seeds around which the seeds are several dozen in number.

How Kiwi Fruits looks

It is a fruit that is eaten with peels and seeds. Different shades of green from the decorative kiwi fruit, the circle of small black round seeds give this delicious fruit a very charming unique look. Not only does this fruit look beautiful, but it also tastes a deliciously unique dish of unique truffle withas. The kiwi fruit looks similar to Strawberry, Rhubarbs and Gooseberry.

Kiwi fruit is not only an excellent fruit with its unique taste and texture, but also based on the useful and excellent medical and healing qualities of its nutrients. It contains a large number of all the healthy ingredients that are present in any other fruit.

Is Kiwi a citrus fruit?

Only dietary fiber or fiber contains the same amount of kiwifruit as air in cereals (break-fast cereals), bananas, papaya or malt. Kiwi fruit is rich in edible sugar as well as a healthy supply of healthy minerals like potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

In addition to being rich in high amounts of vitamins C and E, it is also a beneficial low calorie fruit, however, it may have different amounts of rubric acid depending on the variety, i.e. some types. K-Froots are sharply inclined, while some of them are semi-truncated and slightly lined.

Can you eat the middle of a kiwi?

The wood of the kiwi fruity tree is harsh, while compared to other fruit trees, the incidence of worms and spread of various seasonal and pathogenic diseases is equal to zero. The land from 200 to 2000 meters is also large enough for its cultivation. The fact that kiwifruit is an industrially profitable fruit indicates that with only modest care, you will be able to grow kiwifruit trees from 6-7 years to 50 kW annually. Will succeed.

Eighty percent (80%) of the annual crop of kiwifruit is consumed in the raw state, while the remaining 20% ​​(20%) is consumed by value-added food products such as pastries, jams, jellies, fruit pulp. Used in the manufacture of drinks and ice cream etc.

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