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Lack Of “Protein” In Hair?

Beautiful hair is part of the personality of a human being ‘which makes his personality confident and attractive. Whether men or women have dark and shiny hair everyone wants it. A large number of people nowadays suffer from hair problems. Women consult doctors for solutions to these problems and also bear the cost of expensive treatments. Women and girls periodically dye their hair in new colors.

Sometimes using iron to create straight and curly hair, or using excessive shampoo and conditioner eliminates the glow of the hair and prevents hair loss. Complete care is required for such a well-rested and hairless hair. If the hair is given in such a natural way then it can be the same again.

Women who are worried about their curly hair should protect their hair with homemade tips.

Here’s how, don’t use shampoo too much. Do shampoo one to two times a week. Keep the skin of your head free of unnecessary particles and dust. Hair dryer ‘Do not use too much strainer and curl. They damage the hair structure.

They make the hair look dull and weak. Use them to protect your hair from further damage. Heat coconut oil and massage the head. Let it stay up all night and wake up in the morning with a good shampoo.

To maximize water use, you must drink at least eight glasses of water daily. So that your body is not prone to water. With Vitamins and Minerals, Stop Hair Drying, Make Hair Masks At Home to Make Your Hair Shine

Take an EVA and mesh it. Add a tablespoon of honey ‘a little milk and a teaspoon mayonnaise to it. Apply this mask to your hair and leave for an hour. Use warm water to wash your head. Your hair that has been dehydrated ‘will be wonderfully soft, silky and shiny again. Must use this mask once a week.

Natural Protein Intake  

If the hair comes with the necessary protein available, not only do the hair soften. Rather, if they are light, they feel dense, shiny and strong. If you do not want to spend thousands of bucks on expensive and artificial methods to provide hair protein. So try a few simple homemade tips – eggs are the best source of natural protein intake. Therefore, add a few drops of lemon juice to an egg yolk and apply it into the hair with a brush and after two hours wash the hair with cold water.

The use of yogurt and cream also helps maintain the natural moisture in the hair. Add egg yolks to yogurt and let it soak for 20 minutes. You can also apply just about every week of the cream to the bears.

Take one or more eggs according to the length of the hair, and prepare a mask by hand-drawing a banana well. And in the hair from the roots to the ends, apply this mask and after an hour wash and dry the hair with fresh water.

Massaging the head with olive or coconut oil once or twice a week also repairs the hair follicles. Since mayonnaise involves egg and oil. Therefore, in a spoonful of mayonnaise, mix half of pear and apply it in the hair for two hours, then the hair will soften.

Mix one teaspoon of almond oil in one or two halves, stir well and apply well on the head. Wash your head after an hour.

Drain the bananas, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of honey in a blender together, rub it from the roots of the hair to the ends and gently massage it.

Use Of Additives On Protein

Make-up artist, stylist and skin specialist and skin specialist Hina Farid says, “The lack of a certain protein found in the hair, called keratin, enhances the natural beauty of the hair. Therefore, it is important to supply them with protein to enhance hair growth and protect them from the harmful effects of chemicals.

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