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No need to leave rice for dieting anymore

Rice, which can be called the favorite food of most people, will be one of the few that will show dislike for rice. Thus, the amount of fat is less if you see it in rice, but it is high in carbohydrates. Causing them to gain weight. This is why most diets talk about losing weight when it comes to weight loss.

But some researchers also insist that eating rice does not lead to overweight or obesity.

Rice is the most important cereal. It is considered an essential ingredient of food in dozens of countries around the world. In addition, they are considered to be the quickest and best way to restore energy, which comprises 20% of the energy of rice.

But because of starch in rice, it is not considered a topic for dieters. But there is an amazing way to cook it that can remove its unhealthy deficiency.

Rice and Starch:

Rice is one of the most cereals in the world, with the most carbohydrates in it, and the problem arises when starch is digested and converted into sugar.

Two Sri Lankan investigations have revealed that a very easy way to cook rice is to make it useful for you. And this is great news for rice enthusiasts.

The magic of coconut oil:

Sudhirjames, who is a student of the College of Chemical Sciences, Sri Lanka, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Pushparaj, researched that if the rice was cooked it was mixed with coconut oil and then kept immediately to cool. Changes the composition.

The addition of fat helps to digest these starch during cooking. This simple increase in rice actually reduces the amount of calories in rice by as much as 50%.

The magical way of cooking:

The recipe is simple and easy but the effects are magical.

Boil water for rice.

Now add coconut oil to three percent of the rice weight. Now put the rice in it and boil it in a coconut way. When it’s cooked, keep it in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. Oil, together with rice, changes its starch appearance to make it healthier. Cooling the rice changes the nutritional value of the starch contained in it and turns you into a benefit rather than a detriment. Then even if you reheat it, its utility will not decrease.

James tested this successfully on more than 38 varieties of rice in Sri Lanka. And every time the result was great.

Oil used once should not be used again because it contains the ingredients of Hyperoxidation which can cause cancer in the body.

But there is no need to compromise on the taste and the delicacy of the food during the consumption of the herbal diet. Nourishing foods should also be eaten so that losing weight does not feel like a burden.

Pizza, pasta and burgers are also cooked with a certain balance and moderation, so no taste. These plant proteins are not harmful health. No need to give up eating habits, but chocolate mousse is one of the intriguing foods, it should be tried that where you used to eat the whole cup, half of it will now be quite a concept.

It would be okay to use certain amounts and moderate amounts of carbohydrates and fats, if you eat carefully diet is not the day when your body becomes very dynamic by becoming a fat burning machine.

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