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Pumpkin – The Most Vegan Vegetarian

The incidence of new diseases in today’s age is a sign that our diets are not balanced or that we do not know the balanced nutrients due to our low knowledge of what a balanced diet is. Useful and nutritious so that we can maintain our health by eating them. Pumps are also counted in these vegetables, which have many medical benefits.

Available in large quantities in the market, it is rich in numerous properties and is the masterpiece of nature’s seal makers. It not only fulfills the nutritional requirements, but also relieves many diseases.

Types of Nutrient-Rich Vegetables

There are several types of nutrient-rich vegetables, three of which are easily available in the market, such as sweet of pumpkin, ghee pumpkin and round pumpkin.

The family of Pumpkins

Pumpkin belongs to the family of fruits and vegetables. This family includes all types of melons, cucumbers, cucumbers and pumpkins. It is also known as Pumpkin.

Medically there are numerous benefits of pumpkin. The devotees also ate the pumpkin with great fondness.

Types of Pumpkins

Pumpkin is a simple vegetable, whose color is green on the outside and white on the inside. It has a strong taste and pale taste. Pumpkin is cooked with various pulses and meat and often simple. There are five types: halvedo, round pumpkin, ghee pumpkin, red pumpkin and white bitter pumpkin, but their benefits are less uniform.

Pumpkin Nutrients

Many useful ingredients are found in pumpkin. They are also found in calcium, potassium and steel. Besides, vitamins A and B (vitamins A and B) are also present. Pumpkin contains moisture content of 194% and protein (20). Percentage, fat 15%, mineral components 50%, fiber 60% and starch (carbohydrate) are found in 52%.

100 grams of pumpkin contains 12 calories. In addition it contains 20 grams of calcium, 10 mg phosphorus, 70 grams of steel and vitamin B compound (Vitamin B Complex). The efficacy of pumpkin is only known. Feeding a pumpkin with skincare provides the body with a one-time essential supplement.

Medical benefits of pumpkin

In addition to catering to the nutritional needs of the pumpkin, there is a cure for many diseases.

It quenches thirst. Eliminates liver heat, BILE and anxiety. Its food relieves nervousness and panic. It is a very useful vegetable for patients. It is a beneficial diet. Pumpkin produces good blood. Provides energy to the penis. There is no better diet for tuberculosis.


Reducing the amount of legumes is a very beneficial vegetable for jaundice patients.

The water from pumpkin or its flowers is fermented in water. The second way is to make a pumpkin by filling it with ash, and squeezing its water and mixing it with a little bit of Egyptian food. It relieves the heat of the liver and relaxes the liver.


The complaint of heat fever is frequent. In the heat there is a fever and there is no sleep.

Often people complain of inflammation in the hands and feet. In this case, boiling the pumpkin and cooling it with a little salt or sugar or feeding it to the patient or making noises of it will remedy the complaints and make the patient very susceptible. Benefit.

Headache and migraine

To remove the headache, apply fresh pumpkin pulp on the forehead with the desired effect.

Headache will disappear in a short time. Drinking pumpkin water into the nose to relieve headache, i.e. half of headache, relaxes. Nature has also made a big impact in pumpkin water.

Kidney pain

Kidney pain relievers pain by placing pumpkin in a place of pain. Eating pumpkin increases appetite and also increases weight. Applying water to coughs helps to relieve acne. ۔

Hair fall

Pumpkin seed oil prevents hair from falling. It also enhances hair and makes them stronger.

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