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Salt Overdose Is Harmful

Experts say that our body needs only 200 milligrams of salt a day. That’s enough to keep us alive and healthy, which is about a tenth of a teaspoon.

Medical experts claim that without this amount, a man begins to feel weak and ill, and if salt is not used at all, the man will become weak.

As a result, they are prone to kidney diseases like ‘high blood pressure’, allergies or rashes on the body, as well as many other diseases, and if not prevented all the time, their health is in serious danger. Can be

What is salt?

Salt is a chemical compound sodium chloride for a chemist, while for ordinary people, salt is a colorless or white blurred solid substance that is used to put food into food and to store things.

Salt has been used since the earliest known stages of human history. In areas where there was a lack of salt, its value was very high. In fact, the English word Salary (meaning salaried) is Latin. The word comes from the word Salarium, which means “money given to soldiers for the purchase of salt.” The real problem is how much salt we use daily.

We are not dedicated to the many ingredients used in many foods that already contain sodium. But even so, when we cook them, they add salt to the world. Go away using salt.

Why so much salt?

Medical researchers have identified salt as the cause of hypertension ‘hypertension’ and some other diseases and problems, according to their latest research.

It can also cause cardiovascular disease and stroke. The main problem with salt is sodium, which contains forty percent of the molecular weight of salt. There is no doubt that sodium is human. Very important for the body. Our tissues float in a salty sea. The more salt it contains, the more water it needs so that it can be soluble and the proper concentration of sodium. That we can maintain.

Sodium, as well as chloride of equal importance, are the main factors responsible for the balance of water and soluble substances outside the cells; in fact all important physiological functions, including cardiovascular function and nerve conduction, depend on this balance. If it is interrupted, normal metabolism almost stops.

Effects of the Salt on Body

We need to know how salt affects our body and how it causes hypertension and consequently risks to health. The kidneys function to maintain normal levels of sodium in our body.

When sodium is high, the kidneys excrete it. On the contrary, when the body needs sodium, the kidneys retain it and return it to the blood.

But when the kidneys fail to absorb enough sodium, the sodium that is retained prevents water and increases blood volume, and now because more blood is passed through the arteries and arteries, which causes their walls to pass. There is a lot of pressure on the blood pressure, so blood pressure starts to rise.

In addition, the heart has to do more work to pump the increased blood volume and it increases the pressure, so it affects the heart’s performance.

Avoid going to fast food restaurants in general. Almost all of their meals contain high salt intake. Use foods that have low salt intake during air travel. You can ask for salt in your hotel room without your salt.

The real difficulty in gradually abandoning the habit of eating more salt is that when eating out of the house, you will find it very salty when you have a previous diet with salt foods and sometimes people will. The values ​​will be salty and they will not be eaten by them.

But you have to take it all in. It is very important to protect your health and to keep it completely safe. It should be well known that high salt intake is important for you. Poison can be proven.

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