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Sweet Super Food Chiku

Chiku vegetable name is Mani’s secret recipe, but in Pakistan we call it Chiku, and according to nutritionists, this suite is super food. This sweet, chiku-clad clover worn in khaki uniform is the favorite fruit of both children and adults. Cut it with peels or a knife and some people just cut it off, just wash it and eat it with a peel.

But its flavored ice cream you can taste all year long. It does not matter if it is available.

It is a great source of vitamins

It would not be wrong if it was said that chiku vitamins are cocktail.

This fruit contains Vitamin A, which helps keep our eyesight healthy.

Vitamin Deficiency

With increasing age, the near and distant sight is blurred. The number of fats increases but these problems do not affect the intake of vitamin A so sharply and the cataracts also get delayed. Itching in the eyes, eyes are bright and bright. If you have kidney stones, your skin becomes dry and hard, or you have an allergic disease, vitamin A-rich foods can help prevent these problems. All of these symptoms indicate vitamin A deficiency in the body.

Vitamin C increases immunity. This vitamin is very sensitive and weak, which is why most of the vitamin C is lost during the cooking process. After soaking it in water for a long time, it is lost to the vitamin and the knife or knife. It also disappears from use, so when eating, wash with soft hands and then cut it with the help of hands.

Do not mistakenly put it in the sun, this vitamin also disappears in light and heat. Chico system restores digestion.

Vitamin E plays an important role in the formation and flow of blood. Strengthens blood vessels and kidney infection is extremely useful for Nephritis. Since vitamin E is present in Chico, you can protect even the most deadly diseases like heart and cancer. Can do

Alco-Tocopherol, a mineral ingredient in chiku, protects against colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. However, because of these three vitamins, it is called the cocktail of vitamins.

It is a treasure of dietary fiber

The presence of fiber in Chiku facilitates the process of relaxation. Due to dietary fibers, the leftover food in the intestine cannot stay for long, which has the benefit of not having any pressure on the intestines, especially in the intestines. It is strongly recommended to avoid this pressure.

Chiku truffle is not fruity but also gives a pleasant impression on the gastrointestinal tract. Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. The two cheekbones feel full on the stomach because it is full of fiber.

It is rich in minerals, especially calcium

Fruits such as joint pain, spasms and pressure are the fruit.

Note that mineral particles protect the human body from obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, premature aging, sexual dysfunction, anemia and heart diseases, etc. Therefore, the presence of large amounts of copper, calcium, phosphorus in chiku. All of these disorders give rise to these disorders. These three ingredients improve bone structure. Arthritis is a fruit for patients with atlas.

It is rich in Iron

When you eat a sweet cheek, you will feel energized when you eat it. Due to the presence of iron, it immediately sends oxygen to the brain. Normally a contraceptive body contains 5 grams of iron, which is completely protein-linked. Iron combines with hemoglobin. Hemoglobin promotes oxygen best.

Keep in mind that the body of a man loses one milligram of steel daily, while the body of a woman loses 15 milligrams of steel during the day.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

Iron is also a mineral ore that only 8% of the iron we eat through food is absorbed in our intestines. Fortunately, in Czech, iron offers the best combination of vitamin C according to nutritionists. It is important to absorb the intestines in the intestine.

Symptoms of iron deficiency in the body include headache, fatigue, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. If the sweetness is met with fresh fruits and chiku instead of white sugar dishes. Eating it in the right amount can be satisfying.

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