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Why Prevent Paralysis?

The paralysis invades the brain, in which oxygen supply to the brain is stopped. The cells begin to die. The body controls the movements of all the organs in the body.

The death of cells in some parts of the brain means that the organs of many organs are beginning to become paralyzed.

When paralysis is a mild attack, the hands and feet have less force and force affects the tongue and the tongue begins to wobble. This condition can be permanent or permanent.

According to Dr Javed Iqbal, some patients fortunately recover from the disease with strong will, family attention and timely treatment, although two-thirds become paralyzed.

Types of Paralysis

There are two types of paralysis: the first is called blood clotting paralysis (ISCHEMIC STROKE), in which blood vessels tighten and tighten, causing blood supply to all parts of the body, especially the brain. The second type of blood is called HEMORRHAGIC STROKE, in which the veins of the brain burst and bleed. This causes nausea and swelling in the body, then damages more cells.

Types of Blood Flow

There are two types of blood flow: first the arteries inside the brain explode, while in the second, the tissue (TISSUES), which spreads to the brain. If its duration is less than an hour, then it becomes smaller. An invading paralysis should say, it does not kill the patient immediately, however, his life is in danger.

Hypertension, abdominal hypertension, unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet, diabetes, obesity, unsteady living, aging, smoking, drug use and work abuses make the body’s arteries hard.

In addition, abnormal (ABNORMAL) interaction between arteries and vessels in the brain becomes paralyzed or swollen blood vessels.

Symptoms of Paralysis

The stroke is sudden, but the effect is different on everyone. It is also seen, on what part of the body the paralysis has fallen and how much damage has been caused by it. How the right and left part of the body is feeling.

How difficult it is to speak and understand also, if the patient is having a bout. Headaches are complaining, vomiting and nausea are occurring, vision has started to affect, any part of the body is becoming numb, thoughts are shattered, difficulty talking, heart rate is random, If breathing is difficult, facial muscles are sore or tongue is affected, it is important to understand that a stroke has occurred.

The physician who examines the patient after a stroke attacks, he first looks at the patient’s appearance, studies the patient’s condition and examines the blood pressure. The IR is done, to determine the extent to which the patient is affected. Then he determines the type of stroke. He then begins treatment after investigating the initial symptoms.

Initial Treatment

If a stroke is initiated within three hours, there is an 80% chance of survival and the complications of the disease are reduced.

Low blood stroke is 70%, the treatment of which is to eliminate blood clotting (CLOTS), so that the blood flows and does not become tired. Angioplasty for this type of disease Is also a common treatment. Blood is treated surgically, So that the oppressive arteries can be joined.

In addition, every effort is made to control the blood on Usher. According to a physician, life changes after a stroke, which affects the patient’s physical, emotional and mental health. Later healing can take from six months to several years.

Well, it depends on the good treatment. For example, the physical therapy of the patient should be treated with the language, so that he can speak. In addition to this, it is better to get psychotherapy from a physician.

Nephrological treatment is necessary because the patient suffers from anxiety and depression and this leads to depression and depression.

Through physical therapy, patients are encouraged to give specific instructions to the patient’s brain, so that he or she will wake up and start functioning normally.

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